Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Autodesk 2019 NLM products - Error [0,0,0]

You get an error [0,0,0] when trying to run Autodesk 2019 NLM products.
Flexlm 11.14 is required to be installed in order to licence 2019 products.

Update Autodesk Licence server here.

Flexlm can be downloaded here.

Monday, 12 March 2018

AutoCAD - Flatten geometry to 2D

How many times do you open up a 2D drawing only to notice that the geometry is on different Z levels!

Try this:

Make sure the layers are unlocked
copy and paste these two lines

(command "MOVE" (ssget "x") "" "0,0,0" "0,0,1e99")
(command "MOVE" (ssget "p") "" "0,0,0" "0,0,-1e99")

Monday, 22 January 2018

Vault Pro Job Processor - PDF Sync errors

The issue is connected to the option to sync the revision of the pdf file with the revision of the source file. Deactivating this option will solve the problem:

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Publishing PDF files from Vault Pro 2018 with the revision appended to the file.

In order for the Vault job processor to automatically create PDF files with the revision number/letter appended to the end of the file, you need to edit a config file on the machine that is running the Job Processor.

First, you need to make a copy of the JobProcessor.exe.config file located in the <install dir>\Vault Professional 2018\Explorer folder.  Use a text editing software, such as Notepad, to open and edit the file.

Add the following line before </appSettings> towards the bottom of the file:

  <add key="DesignRepresentation.Naming" value="\.(dwg)$/&lt;_name_&gt;-&lt;Revision&gt;"/>

This will add a file 1234-A.PDF from a drawing 1234.DWG

Change the (dwg) to (idw) in the line of text if this is for IDW files.

Note: Only 2D PDF files are created from the Job Processor.

Inventor Drawing Custom properties do not appear in Vault Data Standard dialog

Although you may be using only one drawing template file type in Inventor, it is important to ensure that the relevant custom properties are in both the IDW & DWG templates.

You must then map the Vault Property UDP to both file types within Vault Explorer.

The custom properties will not be showing in the VDS dialog.