Friday, 24 February 2012

Inventor formulas and equations

I keep forgetting where these are in the help, so here they are!
The following functions are supported in parameters & dimension boxes.

Syntax Return Type Expected Types
cos(expr) unitless angle
sin(expr) unitless angle
tan(expr) unitless angle
acos(expr) angle unitless
asin(expr) angle unitless
atan(expr) angle unitless
cosh(expr) unitless angle
sinh(expr) unitless angle
tanh(expr) unitless angle
acosh(expr) angle unitless
asinh(expr) angle unitless
atanh(expr) angle unitless
sqrt(expr) unit^1/2 any
sign(expr) unitless any
Return 0 if negative, 1 if positive
exp(expr) unitless any
Return exponential power.
For example, returns 2.688E43 for 100.
floor(expr) ul ul
Next lowest whole number
ceil(expr) ul ul
Next highest whole number
round(expr) ul ul
Closest whole number
abs(expr) any any
max(expr1;expr2) any any
min(expr1;expr2) any any
ln(expr) unitless unitless
log(expr) unitless unitless
pow(expr1; expr2)                unit^expr2      any, and unitless respectively
                                                                     Can construct unit valid equation                                                                      that can go invalid "pow(3.0;d12)".
                                                                     Decimal powers rounds at eighth decimal place.
random() unitless unitless