Thursday, 28 May 2015

Inventor 2016 update 1

Inventor 2016 update 1 is available!

Autodesk has released an update 1 for Inventor 2016.
This update applies to the following programs:
Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 2016
Autodesk® Inventor® 2016
Autodesk® Factory Design Suite Premium 2016
Autodesk® Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2016
Autodesk® Product Design Suite Premium 2016
Autodesk® Product Design Suite Ultimate 2016
There was a fairly short list of problems that are resolved by this update:
  • 31296, 45150: Center of Gravity becomes visible and cannot be turned off
  • 53079: Empty browser is visible on left of My Home at start up
  • 54816: Inserting identical component as AnyCAD associative reference inserts a completely different model
  • 59388: Unexpected exit when Right Mouse Button in new Presentation
  • 53221: Files saved in SolidWorks2015 SP2 cannot be openned
  • 59105: Unexpected exit on close if load Mesh add-in enabled
  • 60101: Unexpected Exit when users sync Point Cloud model to AutoCAD by Sync AutoCAD command in Factory Inventor
  • 56844: Edit section sketch not working properly
  • 53433: Unexpected exit on closing Inventor if Insert Catalog Part add-in loaded
  • 55190: Some unrelated sketches are blocked from inclusion in derived workflow
  • 60587: Unable to edit view orientation after disabling "Orient from base" or "Align to Base" option
  • 35674: Poor quality of embedded Excel table in drawing when save as PDF
  • 58768: Print Studio fails to launch when Windows Explorer is set to hide file extensions
  • 59300: Unnecessary memory consumption in flat pattern drawings
  • 56191: The preview of Mate and Flush constraints in Assemble command are mismatched
  • 56035: Unable to update style from library for materials and appearances after modifying
Please always review the readme for installation and uninstall procedures.